The Witcher 3 Leak Proves Xbox Game Pass Is About to Get Even Better

the witcher 3, xbox game pass

The Witcher 3 is coming to Xbox Game Pass. The news was leaked ahead of today’s Inside Xbox at X019 broadcast. The addition further entrenches Xbox Game Pass as the best subscription service on the market. An advertising blunder has confirmed that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is joining the roster of Xbox Game Pass … Read more

Death Stranding Typo Sparks Improbable Xbox One Launch Rumor

Death Stranding Xbox One rumor

Although Death Stranding is seemingly a PS4 console exclusive, a new Target ad advertises an Xbox version of the game. Even more strangely, GameStop also has a page for the game that mentions Xbox One. They’re likely just typos, but that hasn’t stopped rumors from circulating that Hideo Kojima’s latest title will receive a secret … Read more

Thieves Rob UK Children’s Hospital & Steal Xbox One

xbox one stolen from children's hospital

Local news reports that thieves stole an Xbox One console from the Children’s Assessment and Treatment Unit ward at Leeds Children’s Hospital in the UK earlier today. Jerks Steal Game Console from Children Facing Life-Threatening Injuries In an act of brazen theft, the perpetrators divested the ward of a crucial piece of entertainment that helps … Read more

PS4 Hits 30 Million US Units Sold, Makes Sony Next Gen’s Console-to-Beat

sony playstation 4 (PS4) sales

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has all but won this generation of console wars, selling 30 million units in the United States alone. The Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation has also moved 8.3 million PS4 consoles in its home country of Japan, 7.2 million consoles in Germany, and 6.8 million consoles in the United Kingdom — making … Read more

Is Gears 5 the Game-Changer Microsoft Desperately Needs to Rival Sony?

gears 5

As the embargo on Gears 5 reviews lifts, we are starting to get an idea of what The Coalition’s new third-person cover shooter is all about, and things are looking good for Microsoft’s latest Xbox exclusive set for release on Sept. 10. The common consensus among the gaming press is that Gears 5 offers a … Read more

Microsoft Finally Refunds 12-Year-Old’s $1,300 Xbox Live Spending Spree

Microsoft Finally Refunds 12-Year-Old's $1,300 Xbox Live Spending Spree

Microsoft has finally refunded more than 100 purchases made by a 12-year-old gamer from the UK. The child, who had been diagnosed with ADHD and exhibits symptoms of inattention and impulsivity, spent over $1,300 on Xbox Live without his parents’ knowledge. Microsoft cancels Xbox Live purchases made by child with ADHD The preteen gamer’s parents … Read more