Broken WWE 2K20 Mess Sees Embarrassed Devs Jumping Ship

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WWE 2K20 weathered a disastrous launch due to game-breaking bugs and glitches. Reports suggest the controversy has prompted developers to jump ship. Debacle expected to have repercussions on the future of the franchise. Despite two ostensibly game-fixing patches, WWE 2K20 remains an abject failure, and now developers are jumping ship in droves. WWE 2K20 Devs … Read more

Broken WWE 2K20’s Buggy Mess Will Last Two More Agonizing Weeks

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Wrestling’s go-to gaming franchise has been a train-wreck following the release of its latest title, WWE 2K20. The game is riddled with bugs on various platforms and has been endlessly ridiculed on social media. ┬áThe publisher has (finally) revealed that a fix is coming, two weeks from now. Fresh off what can only be termed … Read more

WWE 2K20 Disaster Prompts PlayStation Refunds From Sony

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WWE 2K20 launched earlier this week, and it’s such an oozing cesspit of problems that even Sony is issuing no-questions-asked refunds of digital PlayStation 4 copies of the game. Sony Issuing WWE 2K20 Refunds Although receiving a refund greatly depends on the affable qualities of the customer service representative at hand, most have had no … Read more