Dems Pursue Another Nothing Burger as Battle With AG Barr Escalates

Capitol Hill

By Following the release of the Mueller report and the upheaval surrounding Attorney General William Barr’s posturing in its immediate aftermath, Capitol Hill is set to witness yet another unforced error by the DNC. House Democrats have set up a vote for Wednesday, May 8 in an attempt to hold Barr in Contempt of … Read more

No Collusion: Trump Economy, Winning Get Under Dems’ Skin

donald trump, mueller report

By President Trump has proven capable of moving past any barrier. Following months of the leftist media pumping lies into the heads of Americans’ that their 45th president colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, special prosecutor Robert Mueller – commissioned by Democrats – has concluded that Trump is innocent of such claims.

After having an opportunity to view the report himself, Attorney General William P. Barr reached a similar conclusion, explaining:

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Dow Plows Higher Despite Mueller Dump – Don’t Fear a ‘Trump Reckoning’

dow jones, djia, trump

By The Dow plowed higher on Thursday, even as Wall Street breathlessly waited for US Attorney General William Barr to release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report into the 2016 Trump campaign. But though touted by liberals as a reckoning for Donald Trump, the Mueller report is really just a smokescreen, at least so far as the stock market is concerned.

Dow Climbs as DOJ Dumps Mueller Report

Responding to strong retail sales data, the Dow Jones Industrial Average popped at the opening bell, rising more than 100 points before paring those gains. As of 11:13 am ET, the DJIA had jumped 79.13 points or 0.3 percent to 26,528.67. The S&P 500 gained just 0.01 percent to hold at 2,900, and the Nasdaq lost 0.19 percent to fall to 7,980.92.

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Twitter Conspiracy Alleges AG William Barr is Ex-Trump Crony Steve Bannon

donald trump, steve bannon, william barr

In case you missed it, United States Attorney General William Barr declared this week that there was insufficient evidence in the report filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to suggest that President Trump obstructed justice in the Russia collusion investigation. Many Trump critics raised questions about Barr’s reliability, given that he is a Trump appointee … Read more