Video: Virginia Liberal Attempts to Justify Murder Masked as Abortion Procedure

Let's talk about abortion. I’ve always been “pro-choice.” On a personal level, I’ve never considered abortion. I’m currently a single father of four as a result. I don’t like to make decisions for other people. If you feel you need to have an abortion, it’s a legal procedure. I’m not a fan of states that try to make it impossible through various means. I don’t let morality enter into it. If it's...

Virginia Police Department Reveals Why its Pension Fund is Betting on Bitcoin

fairfax virginia police pension bitcoin crypto

Fairfax County, Virginia has targeted part of its pension fund toward investments in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry, as well as blockchain technology in general. Now, they're explaining why. Fairfax County Retirement Systems Director Jeff Weiler published a post in response to CCN and other media’s reporting on the county’s decision to invest in Morgan Creek’s latest offering, the...

Excuse Me Gov. Northam, But What the Hell is Going on in Northern Virginia?

ralph northam virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia is engulfed in scandal, and it's even more bizarre because it's so many different scandals all concentrated at the same point. The date rape accusations against Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax top off a week and a half of Virginia's top politicians making shocking headlines. There have been so many different and unrelated scandals in rapid succession that each...

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