‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ Author: Zuck Is Trolling Winklevoss Twins with Libra

mark zuckerberg, winklevoss

Ben Mezrich, the author of the Winklevoss-twins inspired “Bitcoin Billionaires,” is calling out Mark Zuckerberg on Libra. In an interview with CNBC, Mezrich, who was peppered with questions on everything from crypto wallets to bitcoin regulation, observed a foreshadowing between the events that transpire in “The Social Network” and the current dynamic in crypto, saying: … Read more

Spotted: Twitch Re-enables Crypto Payments With Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash


Streaming giant Twitch may just be re-enabling crypto payments, months after phasing it out. A Canadian user of the hugely popular online streaming service is reporting that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments have been re-enabled on the platform. CCN.com outlined earlier this year how the Amazon subsidiary quietly ditched all crypto-related payments presumably due to … Read more

Dow Teeters While Trump Praises Himself for Meteoric Stock Market

donald trump, dow

The Dow teetered on Tuesday as investors anticipated a deluge of market-shaking events slated for later in the week. President Trump, meanwhile, used an otherwise yawn-inducing day on Wall Street to congratulate himself for the stock market’s meteoric performance during the month of June. Dow Wobbles But Holds Near All-Time High All of Wall Street’s … Read more

Anti-Bitcoin JPMorgan Teases JPM Coin Test as FB Steals Crypto Thunder

jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon, bitcoin, crypto

Despite CEO Jamie Dimon’s history of anti-bitcoin rhetoric, JPMorgan plans to pilot-test its own JPM Coin cryptocurrency later this year. JPMorgan claims more of its clients in the United States, Europe, and Japan have been clamoring for its prototype cryptocurrency to accelerate securities trading such as bonds. JPMorgan Tests ‘Crypto’ Amid Bitcoin Bull Market Not … Read more

Dow Shivers Paralyzed with ‘Screaming’ Stock Market Warning Signs

Dow, Dow Jones

Dow Jones futures were paralyzed in early trading Tuesday as major warning signs flashed across the broader stock market. The market is in the bizarre position where all asset classes are firing on full power. The Dow and S&P 500 are at or near all-time highs. At the same time, defensive assets like gold, bonds, … Read more

Epic Games Forces Fortnight Leave on Employees in Overworked Gaming Industry

Epic, Epic Games, Fortnite

Epic Games has taken a long, hard look at the current state of Gaming. the development firm behind Unreal Engine 4 and its predecessors it’s taking strides to make gaming a better, more profitable, and more sustainable industry. Facing major competitors Like Valve, Epic Games is pushing other companies to compete with a higher standard. … Read more

Falling Third Quarter Profits Could Trigger Overdue Stock Market Crash

Stock prices follow earnings growth. The stock market reflects earnings expectations. That’s why analysts are concerned that the Q3 earnings forecast for the S&P 500 is for a decline of 0.3 percent, according to Factset data cited in CNBC. Declining earnings imply declining stock prices. Earnings Growth Going the Wrong Way Because Q2 earnings for … Read more

Mark Cuban Pours a Cool $1M into AI Startup Protecting Syrian Civilians

mark cuban

Billionaire Mark Cuban is often the guy on “Shark Tank” who graciously declines to make an investment into one of the hopeful entrepreneurs pitching to him and a panel of investors. He’s also backed some smash hits whose revenues have soared. While his latest investment may not be on “Shark Tank,” Cuban has found a … Read more

Why Would NFL Star Cam Newton Offer $1,500 for Better Seat in Coach?

cameron newton

NFL stars are no strangers to bizarre and even unfortunate stories, whether it’s buying a Tesla or demanding to be paid in bitcoin. Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton was apparently flying from Paris to Charlotte via North Texas and offered a passenger $1,500 for a coach seat with extra legroom, according to a tweet that … Read more