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US Treasury Blackballs Bitcoin Addresses of Chinese Drug Kingpins


By CCN Markets: The U.S. Treasury Department blackballed the bitcoin addresses of Chinese drug kingpins operating international drug-trafficking rings. It’s part of a move to curb the opioid epidemic ravaging the United States. The Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) banned a total of 12 bitcoin and Litecoin addresses to...

Bitcoin Expert Eviscerates US Treasury’s ‘Fascist’ Crypto Blacklist

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In a discussion about the US Treasury Department Office of Foreign Asset Control’s addition of cryptocurrency addresses to the “no pay list,” Bitcoin speaker and celebrity Andreas Antonopoulos called the move “completely useless” and “fundamentally fascist.” US Treasury Blackballs Bitcoin, Petro Addresses Not just Iranian Bitcoin addresses have been added to OFAC’s list, but...

US Blacklists Bitcoin Addresses of Iranians Behind SamSam Ransomware

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Readers may remember the SamSam ransomware attack, which cost everyday computer users a total of at least $6 million in BTC, as reported back in August. Today the US Treasury announced that it had uncovered the names of two Iranians who helped turn the bitcoins acquired in the scam into Iranian currency for the attackers. Their names are Ali Khorashadizadeh and Mohammad Ghorbaniyan. It is now...

Ethereum Drama, More Bans and Lawsuits: This Week in Crypto

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Make sure you check out last weeks post here, now let’s go over what happened in crypto this week.  Price Watch: Bitcoin is down 20% this week completely retracing the past week’s gains. Despite periodic gains this week, the market still finished down significantly from last week posting another double-digit loss. This has been attributed to everything from child porn to market...

US Treasury Offers Advice to Government Agencies Interested in Blockchain


The US Department of the Treasury published a blog post offering advice to other government agencies that are interested in adopting blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) in their internal systems. The post, which was drafted by the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS), includes several lessons that officials gleaned while experimenting with a proof of concept blockchain...

US Treasury Official: More Blockchain Use Cases Needed


An official from the U.S. Treasury has written an optimistic article on the blockchain, calling for more relevant use cases, proofs of concepts and pilot projects with the technology. Craig Fischer, who serves as program manager for the Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (FIT) within the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service, wrote an article in the Journal of Government...

Regulation on Bitcoin Industry’s Banking Access Could Change


The US Treasury Department has announced plans to reassess regulations on financial and banking access for Money Services Businesses (MSB) by inviting members of the MSB industry to bring up concerns to a roundtable discussion scheduled for next week. In anticipation for the meeting, the Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC), an advocacy organization on Capitol Hill for digital currencies, has...

FinCEN Clarifies that Virtual Currency Payment Systems and Trading Platforms Are Money Transmitters


FinCEN has released two new Virtual Currency Guidance notes today. FIN-2014-R011 and FIN-2014-R2012 both detail FinCEN’s response to requests “for Administrative Ruling on the Application of FinCEN’s Regulations to Virtual Currency” Trading Platforms and Payment Systems. FinCEN has clarified that both would require a money transmitter license under their federal rules...

Bitcoiners Are Unfazed As Senator Manchin Calls For US Treasury To Ban Bitcoin

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Those who truly comprehend Bitcoin’s technology are aware of the futility in trying to “ban Bitcoin.”  I might be more inclined to believe the possibility of Bitcoin being banned when,if ever, I see BitTorrent banned. Earlier today, Rob Wile of BI published this article detailing Senator Joe Manchin III (D-WV) and his call for the US Treasury, and a host of other financial...