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GameStop Stock Nears All-Time Low as Streaming Closes In


By CCN Markets: GameStop has a long history of making people happy. The feeling of going to a game store and purchasing the title you have been excited about for weeks, months, or even years is intensely satisfying. Sadly, that feeling may soon disappear forever. A major player in gaming, GameStop is one of about nine major video game retailers left. GameStop may end up much like Blockbuster...

Millennials Are the 'Driving Force' of Bitcoin Ownership: Survey

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By CCN: Millennials bask in knowing they are far more ahead of the technology curve than older adults. This is why their demographic has been more willing to embrace bitcoin as a long-term investment. But what about the stock market? Their proclivity toward crypto has led many to abandon good old fashioned stock market investing. This may prevent them from reaping the long-term gains inherent in...

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