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US Government to Sell 513 Bitcoin and 512 Bitcoin Cash Seized From Dark Web Dealer

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The US government has been approved by a federal judge in Utah to auction off 513 bitcoin and 512 Bitcoin Cash seized from an investigation into Aaron Michael Shamo, a dark web dealer. 8.5 Million Sale In the upcoming weeks, the government is expected to sell all of the assets seized after the arrest of Shamo, including a Ford F-350 pickup, BMW 135i, and the millions of dollars worth of bitcoin...

The US Government Contacted a Bitcoin Developer for Consulting Work

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The US government is trying to recruit blockchain developers to consult on blockchain and bitcoin developments. This should come as no surprise considering the interest in blockchain technology demonstrated by the world’s largest banks via the R3 CEV project, and the largest technology firms via the Hyperledger Project. The biggest names in banking and technology - from Wells Fargo to IBM - have...

Uncle Sam: The World's Second Largest Bitcoin Holder

Uncle Sam, or to be more precise, the US Federal Government, has been busy. Between bouts of criticizing cryptocurrencies, regulating cryptocurrencies and spending a bit of time warning against the use of cryptocurrencies; one would think that Uncle Sam is against us... on closer examination, that may well not turn out to be the case. It seems that Uncle Sam has been playing quite the little game...

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