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Pot Stocks Get High as Fed’s Powell Calls for Banks to Clear the Smoke

Pot stock, Elon Musk, Fed Reserve

Speaking in front of the US Congress today, US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said clarity is needed for US banks dealing with cannabis companies.
Marijuana is illegal under Federal law but legal now in 10 US states creating conflict for financial institutions. A number of pot stocks are pushing higher today on this and other news.

Janet Yellen Blasts Donald Trump for 'Lack of Understanding' of U.S. Fed Reserve

Donald Trump, Janet Yellen

In a recent interview, the renowned female economist Janet Yellen was critical of US President Donald Trump’s economic prowess. Yellen says Trump demonstrates a “lack of understanding” as she prepares to become president-elect of the American Economic Association. Feminist Hero and “Phenomenon” Yellen Says Powerful Fed is Misunderstood by Donald Trump In a recent interview with Marketplace Yellen...

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