Indian Bitcoin Exchange Unocoin Releases APIs, Partners Blockstream for Remittance

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Unocoin, arguably India’s foremost bitcoin exchange and wallet provider has announced the implementation of its APIs, a first for the company. The feature will help enable adopters, be it individuals or companies, to generate bitcoin wallets to transact with and store the cryptocurrency as a payment method. The API also allows for real-time or historical … Read more

Indian Bitcoin Exchange Unocoin Blocks User Accounts Citing DNS Woes

Unocoin, an Indian bitcoin exchange that facilitates the country’s users to buy, sell and store bitcoins has blocked access to user accounts. The drastic move is a “temporary” measure, the bitcoin startup adds, noting that it is facing a “DNS resolution issue” since the early hours of November 3, Indian time. An email sent out … Read more

Purse, Unocoin Encourage Bitcoin Payments with Amazon Discounts in India


Amazon has positioned itself to become one of India’s e-commerce leaders., an online marketplace that allows discounts on Amazon by using bitcoin, is helping Amazon achieve its goal by allowing bitcoin users to receive discounts between 15 and 22% using Purse’s “Name Your Discount” program, Purse announced. Users that are already using Unocoin, an … Read more