In Watch Dogs Legion, Even the Bankers Have Gone 'Full Crypto'

watch dogs legion crypto

By CCN Markets: We already knew that cryptocurrency would play a central role in the economy of Watch Dogs Legion. Now we know that even the bankers have gone "full crypto." The new Watch Dogs Legion trailer from Gamescom 2019 teased new details about the game's "play as anyone" feature. This novel mechanic lets players can recruit all kinds of people, from heavy drinkers to elderly grandmothers...

Indie Publishers Bash G2A, Beg You to Pirate Their Games

pirate games instead of buy from G2A

It turns out that game publishers loathe G2A and its controversial business model so intensely that they'd rather you pirate their titles than give the video game key reseller a dime. Leading the protest is Mike Rose, who published biking game Descenders. Taking to Twitter, Rose notes that it's virtually impossible to turn off the G2A ads for his game; he also highlighted the fact that these ads...