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Goldman Sachs Warns Wealthy Clients Against Cryptocurrency ‘Mania’


Goldman Sachs has warned its wealthiest clients against succumbing to cryptocurrency “mania,” which the investment banking giant claims has “moved beyond bubble levels.” Cryptocurrencies Will Not Retain Value Over Long-Term: Goldman Sachs The firm’s Private Wealth Management division issued this warning in “(Un)Steady as She Goes,” a 108-page note distributed this month to clients with more...

Bitcoin a Market for Miscreants & Millennials: ‘Commodities King’ Gartman


Hedge fund legend and billionaire investor Mike Novogratz may have viewed last week’s bitcoin price decline as an opportunity to purchase $15 million to $20 million worth of BTC at a discount, but market forecaster Dennis Gartman maintains that there “is no value” in the nascent cryptocurrency. Gartman, who has been nicknamed the “commodities king”, told CNBC’s “Fast Money” that while he believes...

Bitcoin Price in Tulip Bubble, Claims BBC Tech Correspondent

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The bitcoin price has set numerous records in 2017, prompting a wave of critics to forecast that “The bubble will burst!”. On August 14, BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones became the latest in a long line of mainstream financial analysts and reporters to compare the rise of bitcoin to 17th-century Dutch Tulipmania. As he stated on Twitter: Yes, tulip bulbs are now selling for $4000...