Tesla Bull Says Stock Will Rise 133% by This Time Next Year

By CCN Markets: Despite the performance of Tesla's stock this year, there's no shortage of TSLA bulls. Even though the stock has lost around 25% of its market cap year-to-date, Alexander Haissl of Berenberg told CNBC he is looking for a price target of $500. The stock is currently hovering at $214. "We maintain our bullish view on Tesla and see no reason to walk away from our price target of $500...

Eureka! Tesla Targets $2 Billion in Capital Raise, TSLA Shares Fly

Elon Musk, Tesla

By CCN: Maybe Tesla could be a $4,000 stock after all. Elon Musk has unlocked the formula for gains in the Tesla (TSLA) share price. Tesla's stock soared as much as 5% after the company unveiled details about a much-needed capital raise in which Musk kept his cards close to the vest during the company's recent earnings call. The electric vehicle company is looking to raise $2.3 billion from a...

Tesla's Stock Collapses Through Vital Technical Support; Look Out Below?

Tesla stock, TSLA

By CCN: Tesla's stock has broken through critical support, breaching a long-term range and falling 6% amid heavy selling confirmed by huge volumes. With Elon Musk facing a constant media barrage for a combination of bizarre tweets and unrealistic predictions, the media is trying to make this about a possible CEO challenge. In reality, this is probably more to do with the horrific earnings miss...

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