$200 Million Crypto Stablecoin TrueUSD Launches Instant Fiat Redemption

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TrueUSD celebrated its first birthday on Tuesday, and the $200 million USD-pegged cryptocurrency stablecoin commemorated the occasion with two major announcements that could help buttress it as it seeks to supplant $2 billion Tether (USDT) as the market’s leading stablecoin. Stablecoin to Provide Real-Time Accounting First, TrueUSD unveiled a partnership with Armanino, one of the … Read more

TrustToken Develops Cheaper Method of Managing Client Ethereum Addresses for Crypto Exchanges

TrustToken, the developer and issuer of TrueUSD, has come out with a novel method for crypto exchanges to manage millions of addresses associated with TrueUSD and other ERC20 tokens. TrustToken has developed the first publicly available means of easily handling thousands or millions of addresses within a single wallet, thus reducing the amount of Gas … Read more

Cryptocurrency Creditors Making a Killing Despite Bear Market

Cryptocurrency creditors have been able to find profits from selling to two types of borrowers: die-hard crypto believers— who expect the market to rebound strongly and institutional investors—who need to get digital assets for short selling. The downturn in the crypto market that saw cryptocurrencies lose more than half of their values have continued into … Read more

Crypto Industry is Betting Big on the Future of Stablecoins

When merchants started introducing bitcoin and similar digital currencies as one of their payment methods, they quickly encountered a significant problem: price volatility. There were instances like a luxury item dealership, which used to accept bitcoins for their products but saw the value their Ferrari cars jump by almost 33% during a test run. The company, … Read more