Segregated Witness (SegWit) to Activate Within 24 Hours: How Bitcoin Will Change


Segregated Witness (SegWit), the Bitcoin Core development team’s transaction malleability fix and scaling solution, is set to activate within the next 24 hours. Major bitcoin companies including European bitcoin payment processing startup Bitwala are hosting SegWit celebratory events to commemorate bitcoin’s first milestone in scaling. Many celebratory events are being held across the globe...

While Bitcoin Price Hits Record Highs, Nearly 100,000 Transactions Are Stuck in a Backlog


Bitcoin is currently operating at over capacity following a significant price increase by around $600 in just one week. 100,000 transactions are now stuck, unable to move, weighing around 68MB. That means 68 blocks would be needed to clear the backlog, taking around 11 hours, but that’s only if there are no further transactions being made in the meantime. As new transactions do come in, older...

Study: 43% of Bitcoin Transactions Aren't Processed after First Hour

Bitcoin Blockchain Backlog

A new study by the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies reveals that “43% of the transactions are still not included in the Blockchain after 1h from the first time they were seen in the network and 20% of the transactions are still not included in the Blockchain after 30 days, revealing therefore great inefficiency in the Bitcoin system.” The bitcoin network was studied over a period of three...

BitPay’s Bitcoin Transactions Reach an All-Time High

Bitcoin buying

BitPay’s monthly bitcoin transactions have reached a new record, surpassing 200,000 for the month of December, up from around 180,000 in the previous month, according to data shared with CCN by James Walpole, BitPay’s Marketing & Communications Manager. BitPay’s transaction volumes have more than doubled in 2016, continuing a seemingly exponential trend as bitcoin’s adoption increases all...

Bitcoin Experiences Its Busiest Week Ever

Seoul Blockchain

Blockchain.info, one of the biggest and oldest bitcoin wallet provider, publicly stated that bitcoin experienced its busiest week ever from the 20th to the 27th of November. Antoine Le Calvez, a software engineer at the company, stated: “Between Nov 20th and 27th, Bitcoin faced its busiest week ever with 2 million transactions, a near-constant backlog of tens of thousands of transactions to...

Multi-Platform Wallet Jaxx Integrates Dash


Multi-platform software wallet Jaxx now stores Dash, the seventh most valued cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap of about $80 million. Jaxx is available across nine platforms and devices including Android and iOS Mobile, Android and iOS Tablet, Firefox and Chrome Extensions, Windows and Mac and Linux Desktop versions. Its single codebase allows for rapid deployment across all devices...

All Cryptocurrency Transactions Including Bitcoin Will Halve in Value This Year


According to a recent research paper from Juniper Research called "The Future of Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin & Altcoin Impact & Opportunities 2015-2019", all cryptocurrency transactions including Bitcoin will more than halve in value this year. The paper explains that the transactions will fall from $71 billion (2014) to just over $30 billion in 2015. Main Reasons for the Decline The decline...

Are Bitcoin Zero Confirmation Transactions Safe?

Mysterious maze

Transactions are committed to the block chain about every 10 minutes. Zero confirmation transactions do not reside in a block yet. Instead, they reside in the memory pool of miners. Until a block is mined that includes the transaction, it is said to have 'zero confirmations.' Once included in a block and written to the block chain the transaction has one confirmation. Confirmation time is a...

Vertcoin Most 'Active' Coin

dollars sent per day per market cap

In the search for investment coins, one may choose to search for those that are undervalued.  Valuation can be a tricky issue, but fortunately there are some numbers available that we can use to better inform our judgements.  In principle, when looking for the best value we would be looking for the coin that is doing the most with the least market cap.  In other words, we may search for the most...

Mt.Gox: No BTC Withdrawals Until Transaction Maleability Fixed

Mt.Gox wallet issues

In a draft release made available via IRC freenode/#mtgox just now, Mt.Gox states that it will not resume BTC withdrawals to outside addresses until a flaw in the Bitcoin protocol that makes "transaction maleability" possible has been fixed. [edit: official release here] The news announcement outlines the Transaction Maleability issue and concludes: To put things in perspective, it's important to...

Dogecoin 'Transactions' per Day Exceed Market Cap


Many recent articles have appeared in important publications such as MarketWatch reporting that Dogecoin is surpassing Bitcoin in the total number of transactions per day. Following is the now famous chart of the Dogecoin versus Bitcoin transaction volume as reported by BitInfoCharts: This data, and the reporting of it was responsible for a sizable runup in Dogecoin values from less than 0.000001...