This TradingView Chart Bug Has Been Annoying Crypto Traders for Years

Bitcoin, TradingView

By CCN Markets: TradingView, a widely used platform for traders and stock analysts, has a bug so severe and persistent in its retracement display that it's been affecting traders for years. A bug in the way that TradingView’s Fibonacci tools work has created real problems for some traders, one of whom is vocally spreading the word. Explaining the situation in a video and crying out on Twitter, a...

‘Violent’ Bitcoin Price Correction to $3000 Could Ring Dramatic Reality Check

Bitcoin, bitcoin price

By CCN: As the bitcoin price shatters past $8,600, analysts are desperately throwing out wild new price targets. $10,000 in the next week. $30,000 by the end of the year. $1 million by 2020! But one trader is less optimistic. Posting their analysis on TradingView, they warn that bitcoin is still in a bear market and may suffer a “violent” correction back to $3,000. "I'm becoming increasingly...

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