Crypto-Friendly Brave Browser Adds Tor Option in Private Tabs

brave cryptocurrency BAT ICO

Brave, a privacy-focused browser that pays publishers with its BAT token, launched a new Tor feature in private tabs. Still in beta, the option allows users to connect to the Tor network for their browsing, which enables even stronger protection from tracking. How the Feature Works The Tor feature is now available in the latest release for the desktop browser (0.23). The option to connect to Tor...

Researchers Unmask Anonymous Tor Users By Tracking Bitcoin Transactions


Did you purchase something illegal on the Silk Road years ago, when this darknet market was still up and running? Did you pay with Bitcoin? If the answers to both questions are positive, you might have a cause for concern. It’s not only because the amount you spent for some naughty trifle back then can be worth a high-end vehicle today. It’s also because the evidence of that transaction may still...

Tor Integrated by OpenBazaar Increassing Anonymity for Bitcoin Marketplace

Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto

Earlier this month, a Tor pull request “Tor #342” was submitted to OpenBazaar’s open source code repository on Github with an aim of providing increased anonymity and privacy to users on the OpenBazaar bitcoin marketplace. On February 15, the OpenBazaar development team officially completed the review and merging process of the pull request, integrating Tor into the network. The integration of...

An Interview with the Developers of a Blockchain-Based Router

Blockchain router Nodio

Nodio is a blockchain-based router solution focused on privacy that is still in development. It supporters decentralized applications (DApps) and has the ability to act as a VPN while also being able to be integrated with the Tor network. A Nodio can even act as a Tor relay node. In this interview, CCN asked a few questions of the team to get a clearer understanding of the purpose of the device...

Has the Oasis run dry? Anatomy of a Dark Net Market Exit Scam


For anyone familiar with the dark net markets on the Deep Web, exit scams – the sudden disappearance of a market’s website and forum without any legitimate explanation, along with the bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency held in escrow, such as a hacking, DDoS attack, or seizure by law enforcement – are a risk one takes when participating in an online marketplace run by anonymous people selling...

Bitcoin Marketplace OpenBazaar Unveils Several Additions in Major Roadmap


OpenBazaar, a decentralized, unregulated and open-source marketplace that uses bitcoin, has released a roadmap to its second version following a better-than-expected response to its first version in April, according to Medium. OpenBazaar, which opened for business last month, has long-term plans to be a major e-commerce player. Its immediate focus is traditional e-commerce for digital and...

New Malware Mines Bitcoin via Victims’ CPUs and GPUs

Bitcoin mining

Palo Alto Networks has discovered a unique malware family that can mine bitcoins via the victim’s CPUs and GPUs. The malware, called PWOBot, is completely written in Python and compiled via PyInstaller, generating a Microsoft Windows executable, according to a Palo Alto Networks posting. The malware has affected European organizations, mainly in Poland. A Polish file-sharing service delivers the...

DEEP WEB Film Trailer Makes Silk Road Case into a Political Statement


EPIX recently announced that they would be premiering a new documentary on the underground internet black markets known as the Deep Web. They just released a new trailer for this film and, I have to say, it looks exciting. For those that may not know about the deep web, it’s in direct connection with Tor. In a layman’s explanation, Tor is a technology that bounces your IP address around to others...

Reforming Tor Funding With Cryptocoins


The Torgate controversy has sputtered along these last few months, running a distant second to the profoundly annoying GamerGate. The only legitimate complaint anyone seems to have about the Tor development team is the fact that their funding is largely government based, and given that Tor is open source and decentralized it meets the NSA’s standard for being a ‘catastrophic’...

Bitmarkets, a Decentralized Marketplace Powered by Tor, Bitcoin and Bitmessage


Bitmarkets is s a free and open source protocol and example client for a decentralized marketplace which operates over the Tor network and uses Bitcoin as its currency and Bitmessage as its communications network. Mutual security deposits between buyer and seller on individual transactions are used to ensure incentives are aligned for completing the transaction without the need for either...

Zero Customer Knowledge VPNs


Thanks to Operation Onymous there has been a great deal of attention on anonymity networks. There are three major networks out there and a fourth hybrid has just popped up in response to some troubles affecting Tor, the largest and best known of the three. These networks are: @torproject: Originally an effort of the U.S. Naval Research Lab, then later fostered by the Electronic Frontier...

Luxembourg Researchers Find a Way to Unmask Bitcoin Users


One of the stated strengths of Bitcoin has, from the beginning, been its ability to provide anonymity and a sense of security on the same level that cash transactions do. When one spends and is paid in cash, the only real record of the transaction which ties the spender to the cash spent is in the spender’s possession and recording of a receipt. Bitcoin works in much the same way although a...

Avoiding Tor Panic

Privacy breach

Operation Onymous brought down Silk Road 2 and a number of other high profile dark net sites. The statements from law enforcement are extremely over broad and meant to intimidate the would-be founder of Silk Road 3 from even trying. Then we learned that a third of the four hundred sites were all in a single hosting facility, presumably one that was slack on checking identities of those renting...

Crypto Anarchists Flock to Berlin to Escape the NSA

Berlin graffiti

With its strict privacy laws, Germany is the refuge of choice for those hounded by the security services, The Guardian reports. Laura Poitras, the director of Edward Snowden documentary Citizenfour, just released in cinemas, moved to Berlin to escape the attentions of the US security services. She chose Germany because of its privacy laws, and Berlin because of all the groups doing anti...

Silk Road 2.0 and Other Deep Web Sites May Have Been Located Through Government DDOS on Tor


In a post to to the Tor-dev list, nacash, the proprietor of Doxbin, explained the beginnings of a theory of how Operation Onymous was able to locate, take down, and deface so many Deep web services this past week. Doxbin was a Deep web service that allowed the buying and selling of sensitive personal information for use of intimidation. One popular example of Doxbin’s use involves death...

Why Bitcoin Over Tor May Not Be a Good Idea


The growing use of bitcoin as a means of payment has come together with the need for greater security surrounding transactions on the blockchain. While bitcoin comes together with some levels of anonymity, given the permanent record that is the blockchain, the levels of anonymity provided by the bitcoin protocol are considered to be low. This encourages bitcoin users to look for higher levels of...

Bitcoin Gambling Site SatoshiBet Turns Back on United States Market


Due to fear and uncertainty of online gambling regulations in the United States, popular bitcoin gambling site SatoshiBet announced that they would be immediately closing their doors to customers in the United States. In a PSA on Reddit, SatoshiBet made their announcement and cited their reasons. “Since SatoshiBet launched its casino in early 2013, Bitcoin gained an exponential amount of...

The Proper Response to the Rising Bitcoin Use by Pedophiles


A  recent story published by Bloomberg reports that Bitcoin usage by pedophiles is on the rise. While the use of a potentially anonymous digital currency by the scum of the online world has been long predicted, the Internet Watch Foundation was able to point to some specific statistics in their recent report on payment methods for child pornography online. Although e-gold and Liberty Reserve were...

How to Earn Bitcoin by Turning Your Android Device into a Tor Node


So if you’re a frequent CCN reader, you probably have seen the word ‘TOR‘ come by in a few articles. The Onion Router is an open network that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. Because it is open-source, the TOR network is free to use for anyone who wants to make sure his or her privacy is respected. Great news, but did you know you could earn Bitcoin for helping...

Anoncoin to Release Zerocoin Implementation on Testnet This Week

Anoncoin Zerocoin

Many people in the Bitcoin community have been fascinated by the idea of a relatively new project called Zerocoin. Although the Bitcoin core developers don’t seem like they’re going to implement this feature for improve anonymity on the Bitcoin blockchain, that won’t stop other altcoins from doing just that. The original team behind the Zerocoin Project is actually working on a...

Banning Bitcoin is Antithetical to a Free Society

Ben Franklin Bitcoin

When a government wants to ban Tor and encryption-based services, what they are really saying is that no one should have the right to privacy on the Internet. When a regulator says they want to ban Bitcoin, what they are really saying is that they want to ban financial privacy. When you try to control or over-regulate Bitcoin, you are really trying to limit economic and personal freedoms. The...