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This 'Bitcoin Rabbi' Wants Your Help to Troll Congress With Kid's Books

bitcoin rabbi troll congress children's books

Rabbi Michael Caras calls himself the “Bitcoin Rabbi” and writes books for children and newbies about the mechanics and importance of Bitcoin. Now, he wants to use those books to educate Congress on the merits of crypto - a goal shared by Blockchain Caucus member Representative Tom Emmer. Emmer, as CCN reported, called on Libra mastermind David Marcus to help him educate people in Washington...

Watch: Congress Slaps Facebook's Libra, Sings Bitcoin's Praises

Libra, bitcoin, Congress

Members of Congress were much more demanding of Facebook blockchain chief David Marcus than were Senators the day prior with both Libra and Bitcoin being spoken about. Facebook's foray into the radical new world of decentralized ledges has aroused numerous legislative and regulatory pushback efforts. Legislators Talking Bitcoin Maximalism? Run. Democrats in Congress have repeatedly called for a...

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