2nd Brexit Referendum Would Prove Theresa May Failed & Tories Lied

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Theresa May has said on multiple occasions she won’t back a second Brexit referendum. The reason? She believes it would be an affront to democracy. Without putting too fine a point on it, this just isn’t true. The reason she won’t call a referendum is that it would be admitting that she failed – and the Conservative party lied.

The Brexit Referendum and the £350 Million Elephant in the Room

How could requiring more input from the British People be un-democratic? Because in the eyes of many a second vote is a slippery slope. “Why not just have ten referendums or even 20!” I heard a gentleman cry on the golf course. Ordinarily, I would agree 100% that a second vote would be an assault on democracy. Unfortunately, there is a £350 million elephant in the room.

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Game Over: Brexit Backlash Crushes Theresa May with THIRD Humiliating Defeat

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British Prime Minister Theresa May’s leadership is hanging by a thread after her Brexit proposal suffered a crushing defeat for a humiliating third time. Theresa May and the Never-Ending Brexit Disaster Having crow-barred a slightly changed version of the much-hated Brexit deal into parliament, Theresa May has – on the day she promised more than … Read more

Theresa May’s Shock Resignation Brings Merciful End to Brexit PM’s Reign of Futility

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By CCN.com: It appears Theresa May’s reign of futility is coming to an end. Thank goodness. The Conservative leader plans to resign in a last-ditch bid to salvage her Brexit proposal. Thus will end a premiership that was ineffective to the point of tragedy. Where some leaders are remembered for powerful speeches or strength of … Read more

Donald Trump Slams UK’s Theresa May, Offered Brexit Tips but ‘She Didn’t Listen’

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Brexit, Brexit, Brexit – it’s all U.K. residents have been hearing about for the past three years. Their lives are consumed with news of Brexit. Will it happen? When? How? The U.K. has been examining its options for leaving the European Union since 2016. Recent news is that Prime Minister Theresa May’s position hangs in … Read more

Theresa May Creating Dangerous Divisions as UK Heads Over the Cliff

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British Prime Minister Theresa May is entering dangerous territory after blaming members of Parliament for Brexit delays last night, stoking an already febrile atmosphere across the country and drawing comparisons with the Steve Bannon-led Trump administration. During a speech, she blamed MPs for procrastinating on making a decision and for rejecting her widely derided deal … Read more

“This Is No Way to Run a Country!” Businesses Rage at Brexit Economic Suicide as $1 Trillion Exits UK

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Britain is running head-first into economic suicide. That’s the verdict from furious business owners in the UK as we enter the third day of shambolic Brexit votes.

The latest voice to join the backlash is Carolyn Fairbairn, the head of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which represents 190,000 companies.

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Brexit Beatdown Adds to Pressure on US Stock Market

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Brexit, Brexit, and more Brexit. UK readers will probably be desperate to stop talking about bloody Brexit. Well, the end-game appears to be in motion. Theresa May put her withdrawal deal to a vote in UK Parliament, and it was overwhelmingly rejected by lawmakers.

What a resounding defeat for UK Prime Minister Theresa May – again. Losing by 149 votes, May’s second attempt to pass her deal has gone up in flames. The future is now even more uncertain, with betting odds pricing in a high chance of a delay. The EU would have to play ball though, and there are elections coming up. Where the heck do we go from here – and what does it mean for the US stock market?

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