What Happens to Customers' Bitcoins When Coinbase Exits a Jurisdiction?

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We know what other sources are saying, and further alleging that they have anonymous sources: On its Wyoming account suspension page, Coinbase explains, “we apologize that we cannot currently project if or when our services may be restored.” [...] Attempts to get Coinbase to change the state of residency have been “completely useless,” Natural News was told by users. Coinbase refuses to respond...

Bitfinex's Hacked Bitcoins Are on the Move; 5% Recovery Bounty Offered


Bitfinex has confirmed that 876.82084947 stolen bitcoins have moved with Scorechain, a Bitcoin and Blockchain compliance & regulations firm, publicly stating 153 BTC, worth around $137,000, was moved on January the 25th and another 723 BTC, worth around $800,000, moved overnight. Chris Ellis, a Bitfinex Community Liaison employee, publicly stated: “The hacker transferred the coins… to a...

How to Make Bitcoin Thefts Impossible


The list of bitcoin thefts is far too long. Over the past, almost, eight years, we can roughly estimate $1 billion or more have been stolen. Each time, there is devastation for the individuals involved and the wider community as bitcoin’s security is brought to the forefront. This is followed by a backlash from the wider media and public who have been keen to disparage bitcoin ever since the...

Update: Bitcoin Price Plummets with Bitfinex Theft of 119,756 Bitcoins


Update: The theft of 119,756 bitcoins, approximately $65 million at current exchange rates, has now been conclusively confirmed. Bitcoin price crashed today as bitfinex dramatically announced a “security breach” that led to the theft of an unconfirmed number of bitcoins. The biggest USD bitcoin exchange further announced a shutting down of its website and trading in ominous signs reminiscent of...

Chinese Bitcoin Miners Busted for Electricity Theft

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Editor's note: Article updated to include the translation of the report in Chinese. Some Bitcoin miners have been busted for stealing electricity according to a public statement by police in Ma'anshan, a mining town in China. Very few details are provided except to state that 74 bitcoin mining units have been seized, coinciding with a small fall in difficulty of around 1.63% on June the 8th. The...

BREAKING: Pony Trojan steals $220,000 From Wallets

Trojan Pony Botnet

A trojan named "Pony" has been blamed for stealing more than $220,000 worth of cryptocurrencies from users' online wallets. Many of those users may still be unaware of their loss. Please note that a client wallet hosted on your PC or phone is not affected by this security alert.   Not Only Bitcoin The trojan Pony, which operated as an advanced botnet between September 2013 and mid-January...