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Bitcoin Futures Kingpin Reveals Why Regulators Hate Crypto


Bitcoin might have taken the financial world by surprise. But regulatory squeamishness ensures that it is still far away from gaining mainstream adoption on Wall Street, according to Terry Duffy. CME's Terry Duffy: Regulators Detest Bitcoin's Finite Supply The CME Group chairman and CEO told Business Insider that the biggest thing that is keeping governments away from bitcoin is its finite supply...

Bitcoin Needs to Kiss the Government's Ring, Claims CME Chief Terry Duffy

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Crypto will never be anything more than a fringe investment until it gets government backing. That's the assessment of Terry Duffy, the CEO of top derivatives marketplace CME Group.  Duffy told Bloomberg that resistance to crypto is too great to overcome without institutional support from a central authority such as the government (see video above starting at 9:40). "Until governments really...

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