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Exclusive: MyCrypto CEO Weighs in on Rising Toxicity in Ethereum Community


CCN spoke to the CEO of MyCrypto, Taylor Monahan, about the recent departure of Ethereum community leader Afri Schoedon. Schoedon played a crucial role in the development of Parity wallet but has now sworn off Ethereum development after a meme made him the subject of targeted harassment. Polkadot is an Ethereum scaling solution. Schoedon trolled the Ethereum community when he tweeted that...

Exclusive: MyCrypto CEO on Why Ethereum dApps are a 'Hot Mess'

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CCN spoke to Taylor Monahan of MyCrypto.com, a company with a laser-focus on crypto usability. The conversation ranged from alternative smart contract platforms to the pitiful state of decentralized applications (dApps) on Ethereum and other blockchains. Why DApps are a 'Hot Mess' DApps are a major concern of Monahan’s: "One of the biggest problems with the Ethereum ecosystem right now is...