Australia Chases Crypto Investors for Every Tax Dollar Owed in Shakedown

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By It will now be harder for Australians to under-declare or over-declare the taxes they owe on their crypto holdings or transactions. This follows an announcement by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) that it will collect bulk records from cryptocurrency businesses in the country. In a statement, the tax collection agency indicated that this … Read more

Trickle Sideways? Trump’s Business-Friendly $1.5 Trillion Tax Overhaul Incentivized Corporations Into Changing Nearly Nothing

Donald Trump

One year after one of the biggest tax overhauls in American history,  a survey released on Monday has revealed that the tax cut has not brought about the anticipated huge changes to the investments and employment plans of businesses across the United States. In 2018, the Donald Trump-led administration effected a $1.5 trillion tax cut … Read more

Bulgaria Investigates Crypto Exchanges For Taxes, Asks 10% on Profits

The government of Bulgaria has started to investigate crypto exchanges to demand taxes from the profits investors generated from trading digital assets. The National Revenue Agency (NRA) has categorized cryptocurrencies as financial assets, which incur a 10 percent tax on profit that individuals have to disclose annually. Two Major Issues of Bulgaria’s Crackdown on Crypto … Read more

Cryptocurrency Traders Protest Poland’s Move to Tax All Transactions

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Cryptocurrency traders in Poland launched a petition to protest the government’s decision to tax all cryptocurrency transactions, even those that aren’t profitable. “We are demanding the release of the blockchain technology market and the abolition of all taxes related to this industry,” according to the petition, which has already been signed by more than 2,700 … Read more

Coinbase is Sending 13,000 Customer Records Over to the IRS


Coinbase investors knew this day was coming. The top US cryptocurrency exchange for bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin on Feb. 23 notified the 13,000 affected investors by email, informing them the other shoe had dropped. Coinbase will comply with a judge’s ruling in a California federal court to share customer data of 13,000 of its users … Read more