Dow Bounces as Brexit Deal & Syria Ceasefire Offset Ugly Data

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The Dow Jones barely avoided flatlining again on Thursday after miserable economic data indicated a steady slide towards a pronounced slowdown. Bullish appetite remains intact on hopes of a breakthrough in the trade war, a possible Brexit deal, and a ceasefire in Syria, but concerns that a cyclical slowdown is inevitable continue to drag on … Read more

Turkey’s Syria Offensive Threatens to Destroy Its Own Economy

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Turkey’s blind rage to destroy the Kurdish rebellions in north-east Syria could leave it on the brim on economic collapse. Since the day President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered the “Peace Spring” offensive, the Turkish lira dropped 1.66% against the US dollar. The move downhill extended the currency’s month-to-date decline to 4.11% to establish a four-month … Read more

Trump’s Humility in Syria Is Making America Great Again

Donald Trump’s decision to draw down in Syria is exactly the reason he got elected in the first place. Contrast his common sense foreign policy to the arrogance of neoliberal Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, and neocon Republicans like Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham. These blood and guts politicians believe the U.S. can … Read more

Mark Cuban Pours a Cool $1M into AI Startup Protecting Syrian Civilians

mark cuban

Billionaire Mark Cuban is often the guy on “Shark Tank” who graciously declines to make an investment into one of the hopeful entrepreneurs pitching to him and a panel of investors. He’s also backed some smash hits whose revenues have soared. While his latest investment may not be on “Shark Tank,” Cuban has found a … Read more

Trump: I’ll ‘Devastate’ Turkey’s Economy if They Attack Syrian Kurds

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U.S. President Donald Trump has warned of severe economic consequences if Turkey launches an attack on the Syrian Kurds. Trump Puts Turkey on Notice as US Stages Troop Withdrawal This comes at a time when United States troops are being pulled out of Syria. In the tweets sent on Sunday, Trump also urged the Kurds … Read more