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Michael Avenatti: WTF Happened to the Democrats' Anti-Trump Messiah?

michael avenatti

By CCN: The shocking headlines just keep piling on for disgraced attorney and onetime anti-Trump messiah Michael Avenatti. Following his arrest for allegedly embezzling from Nike, evidence has emerged suggesting Avenatti’s white-collar thievery extends deeper into the sports world. Now, Avenatti - who toyed with running for president - stands accused of embezzling $1.5 million from Miami Heat...

Michael Avenatti Proves Stupid Really Is As Stupid Does

Michael Avenatti

If Michael Avenatti is going to shakedown a Fortune 500 company, he shouldn't memorialize the stunt in a tweet. For all his brilliance, attorney Michael Avenatti - who represented porn star Stormy Daniels - has found himself in a legal mess that requires a whiteboard to explain. He’s been charged with three different felonies by two different jurisdictions on opposite ends of the country in the...

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