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Better Than Bitcoin? MIT, Stanford Profs Make Bold Claim about New Cryptocurrency

bitcoin dead unit-e

Researchers from seven colleges across the United States are working together on a supposedly groundbreaking cryptocurrency project which they say will offer scalability beyond anything that bitcoin can offer. Will a Cryptocurrency Called Unit-e Supplant Bitcoin? Known as Unit-e, the proposed cryptocurrency will purportedly have the capacity to rival Visa and Mastercard in terms of transactions...

Class in Session! Stanford University Establishes Blockchain Research Center


Stanford University’s computer science department has established a center for blockchain research to promote the study of and develop best practices for this nascent technological field. Unveiled on Wednesday, the Center for Blockchain Research is a five-year research program that has been underwritten by a variety of cryptocurrency organizations, including the Ethereum Foundation, Protocol...

Stanford University Offers Course On Building Bitcoin-Enabled Applications

Stanford University is offering a lab course on building bitcoin-enabled applications. The course is scheduled to run from Jan. 4 to March 11 from 4:30 p.m. to 5:20 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays in building 420-041 at the Stanford campus.   The introduction to bitcoin (Jan. 4) presented concepts like digital signatures, the blockchain, transactions and mining. Instructors are Balaji S...

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