Google's Stadia Console is Still Gaming's Big Joke

Google Stadia, Google, Stadia

By CCN Markets: Google revealed the Stadia, its mysterious gaming console/service earlier this year. Today, five months later,  Google hosted a new Stadia 'connect' event at Gamescom to reveal further details. Despite not many details emerging, or mainly because of that, the Internet is already having a lot of fun with Google's new console. Not by playing it mind you, but by laughing at it...

Google Stadia Heralds Console Apocalypse as 4,000 Devs Clamor to Join

google stadia

If there was any doubt that Google Stadia had the ammunition to single-handedly upend the gaming industry and end the video game console as we know it, they should be laid to rest. More than 4,000 developers have registered their interest to sign up to the Stadia Partners scheme with an eye on releasing games for the upcoming streaming platform. As reported by PC Games Insider, Stadia technical...

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