Apple: Ungrateful 'Spotify Won't Be the Business It is Without the App Store'

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Two days after Spotify's founder Daniel Ek announced a complaint the company filed against Apple with the European Commission over Apple's discriminatory and anti-competitive practices, Apple is now pushing back. My thoughts on Platform neutrality and how we ensure a level playing field. — Daniel Ek (@eldsjal) March 13, 2019 In a lengthy press release published on its website, Apple says it...

Spotify Smacks Apple with Antitrust Complaint over Predatory 30% 'Tax'

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Spotify has lodged a formal complaint with antitrust investigators at the European Commission (EC), over Apple's "unfair" policies, including a predatory 30% "tax" on its competitors. Spotify Files Blockbuster Antitrust Complaint Against Apple The CEO and founder of the Swedish streaming site, Daniel Ek, accused Apple of stifling innovation in the multi-billion dollar music streaming industry and...

Crypto Can Help Starving Artists Survive the Spotify Revolution

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Music is a vital part of our daily lives. Beats pouring out of speakers, headsets, and across crowds set the tone for much of our routine. Yet, we often demand free content from artists, never thinking of the work that went into making even the simplest song. Streaming platforms like Spotify have formed a bridge between piracy and traditional sales models, but artists who don’t bring in millions...