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Teenage California Crypto Thieves Pinch $35 Million in SIM Swap Scam

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By CCN: Hackers, many in their teens, have drained the accounts of more than 50 Californian victims in a $35 million SIM swap heist. Officials estimate that in total, $50 million has been stolen in related attacks around the US since the beginning of 2018. The online scammers have targeted California in particular with the San Francisco Bay area seeing the bulk of the attacks. SIM swapping is the...

$2.4 Million Crypto Thieves Bribed Carrier Employees in SIM Hijacking Heist

SIM swap, SIM hijack, Crypto

By CCN: SIM hijacking has proven to be yet another lucrative way to steal crypto with millions of dollar now reported to have been stolen over the years with the amount that has gone unreported possibly eclipsing that. The latest such case involves nine individuals who have now been charged by prosecutors from the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan. Per the prosecutors, the...

California Jails Student for 10 Years for $7.5 Million SIM-Swap Bitcoin Hack

By CCN.com: A 21-year-old Boston man has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for stealing $7.5 million in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by hacking his victims' cell phones through a practice called "SIM swapping." This is the first-ever arrest and conviction in the United States for a SIM swap scam. That's when the perpetrator clones his victims’ SIM cards in order to hack into their...

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