US Senate Reviewing Bill Calling For Assessment Of Cryptocurrency Terror Threat

us government funds terrorism

The meteoric rise in interest in cryptocurrencies has led to a ton of new investments flooding into the space. Speculators, professional investors, and even whole companies want in, and there’s no sign that will be abating anytime soon. The increased interest is also leading to greater scrutiny, including from the United States Congress. For all of the hype that suggests cryptos are the wave of...

Republican Senate Candidate Accepts The Largest Single Bitcoin Donation in Federal Election History

austin petersen

Missouri Republican candidate, Austin Petersen, the former Libertarian, has received 24 bitcoin donations so far in his campaign for Senate – the largest of which, valued at $4,500, is officially the largest single Bitcoin donation ever accepted by a US politician according to the Federal Election Commission. According to the Federal Election Commission, Senate Republican candidate, Austin...

Andreas Antonopoulos Explains Bitcoin to the Canadian Senate

Andreas M. Antonopoulos promoted Bitcoin at the 11th meeting of the Canadian Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce, on October 8th, 2014, dedicated to the Committee's study on the use of digital currency. In Canada, the public debate surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is currently being formalized as the official “Study on the use of digital currency”, a consultative exercise...

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