This UK Rehab Center Wants to Cure Your Bitcoin Addiction

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Castle Craig, a rehab center in Scotland, has been a top-rated alcohol, sex addiction, and drug rehab center for years. Recently, they’ve also begun treating Bitcoin addicts. Scottish Rehab Center Castle Craig Welcomes Bitcoin Addicts According to a Motherboard documentary, the program has been running for about a year. The patient most focused on in the video said that his addiction to Bitcoin...

Scotland: Man Jailed after Using Bitcoin to Buy Handgun on Dark Web

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A middle-aged Scottish man has been sentenced to five years in prison for using bitcoin to purchase illegal firearms on the dark web. According to local police, David Mitchell, a 48-year-old from Edinburgh paid for a 9mm handgun, magazine, 150 rounds worth of ammunition, and a suppressor from the United States using about $2,750 worth of bitcoin (roughly 0.74 BTC at press time). Bloomberg reports...

Crypto Charity: Scotcoin to Allocate Part of Sales to Scotland's Homeless

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Scotcoin will donate £5 off every £20 it earns from its token sale to homeless people, revealed a local source. The cryptocurrency project, which aims to tackle poverty and fund charity ventures, announced that it would join hands with Social Bite, a Scotland-based nonprofit venture looking to end homelessness. Together, the organizations would generate funds to make houses available to the...

World's First Blockchain Identity Laboratory Launched In Scotland

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Europe’s first dedicated blockchain research facility and the world's first advanced blockchain identity laboratory has been launched in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. Blockpass Identity Lab @ Edinburgh Napier University launches today! @scotlandis @BlockpassIDLab @EdinburghNapier pic.twitter.com/alk9ZgHftH — Blockpass (@BlockpassOrg) September 26, 2018 Known as the Blockpass Identity...

Scotland Turns its Attention to FinTech to Become Industrial Hub


Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, is undergoing a change in industrial focus. Known as an important powerhouse for shipbuilding and steel, the city is turning its attention to the booming FinTech sector to become the U.K.’s industrial hub. A recent report from PYMNTS, has found that the city is ranked within the top 20 of Europe’s best performing financial centers and is ranked fiftieth worldwide...

Pro-Independence Cryptocurrency Scotcoin Needs Value Gains

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In a bid to break away from the U.K. and the pound Scottish Independence supporters have launched the Scotcoin; however, reports suggest that its low value would make the cost of everyday living increase. According to the British newspaper, the Express, the digital Scotcoin is worth less than the Zimbabwean dollar, with 1,000 Scotcoins amounting to 86 pence. At the moment, 481 Zimbabwean dollars...

Cryptocurrency among National Currency Options for an Independent Scotland

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Prior to the Brexit vote, an independence movement fizzled in Scotland. In the wake of Brexit, some Scots are reconsidering independence. In considering what went wrong in 2014, some blame failure to sufficiently address currency issues. In the interest of not making the same mistake again, some Scots want to consider how a national currency would work. A paper, “Scottish currency options post...

Glasgow Pub Starts to Accept Digital Currency Scotcoin


The Arlington – a pub in Glasgow will start accepting the digital currency Scotcoin. For now, the cryptocurrency can only be used as settlement for one particular lager. Starting today on St. Andrew’s Day, The Arlington – a Glasgowian pub will start accepting Scottish-based cryptocurrency Scotcoin. The pub is believed to be the first in all of Scotland to allow its customers to pay with the...

Scottish MP Calls for a National Digital Currency - ScotPound

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A year on from the national referendum where Scotland rejected independence from the UK - leaving the pound sterling to continue as its national currency, a member of Parliament from the Scottish National Party (SNP) issued a rallying call to his party and the country to begin experimenting with digital currency. George Kerevan, MP for East Lothian and a member of the SNP called for the country...

New Scottish Independence Poll Bodes Well for Bitcoin


The recent Scottish independence referendum prompted questions about whether or not an independent Scotland would consider adopting bitcoin or another cryptocurrency (such as the Scottish-themed Scotcoin) in lieu of the British pound. Alas, the Scots voted to remain in the United Kingdom, so the discussions proved moot. However, a new  poll indicates the Scots may seek independence again in the...

Scotcoin Price Avoids Collapse After Scotland Votes No on Independence


When Scotland was contemplating seceding from the United Kingdom, some citizens put forward proposals that an independent Scotland should adopt bitcoin--or another cryptocurrency such as the Scotland-themed Scotcoin--as its national currency. However, Scotland voted down the independence referendum, meaning that Scotland will remain in the United Kingdom and retain the British Pound as legal...

Bitcoin Price Declines Further and No Independent Scotland


The Bitcoin price struck the primary target at $412 during Thursday's US trading session. Technical analysis considers the potential paths for the Bitcoin price from current levels. Bitcoin Technical Analysis Yesterday's low printed as follows: Bitstamp: $407.94 BitFinex: $408.80 BTC-e: $400.23 BTC-China: 2,516 CNY Weekly Bitcoin Price Chart Looking at the long-term weekly Bitstamp chart, it...

Scotland’s Independence Vote, Bitcoin, and the Myth of Free Scottish Banking


Although Scotland has yet to vote whether or not to secede from the United Kingdom, pundits have already begun debating how an independent Scotland should structure its society - specifically its monetary policy. Theorists have noted that, if the Scots vote "yes" on the independence referendum, Scotland could prove a perfect testing ground for large-scale bitcoin implementation. Naysayers argue...

An Independent Scotland Powered by Bitcoin?


A referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country will take place tomorrow, Thursday, 18th September 2014. To pass, the independence proposal requires a simple majority of about 4 million voters. According to recent polls, it's going to be a close call. What will happen to Scotland's economy if the YES have their way, and what role might Bitcoin play? [divider]CCN[/divider] Pound...