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Russian Finance Ministry's Bitcoin Ban Bill Delayed, Due to Criticism

Bitcoin ban bill delay

The draft law proposed by the Ministry of Finance in Russia to ban the circulation of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in the Russian Federation is delayed in its entry to the State Duma. A proposal by the Finance Ministry that is seeking to officially ban bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in Russia has hit a delay. The draft law will enter the State Duma –the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament –...

Russia's Bitcoin Ban Proposal Likely to Enter Duma before August

bitcoin ban

The Russian Finance Ministry has long taken a determined hardline stance against bitcoin and other digital currencies, deemed by the regulator as ‘surrogates’ of the ruble. The Deputy Minister of Finance in Russia hopes that the draft law calling for the criminalization of bitcoin will be passed to the State Duma – the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament – before the end of the current...

A 7-Yr Prison Term for Bitcoin Use, Says Russian Finance Ministry


A new amendment to the Criminal Code by the Ministry of Finance in Russia sees the regulator – for the use of bitcoin – propose up to 7 years in prison for management and executives of banks and financial services firms. For the everyday citizen adopting bitcoin, the proposed term for imprisonment is 4 years. The latest amendment is one among a long list of proposals drawn up by the Ministry of...

Russian Finance Ministry Proposes a 2-Year Prison Sentence for Bitcoin Adopters

Ross Ulbricht

According to a report, the Russian Finance Ministry is seeking to push for amendments to the Criminal Code by proposing two-year ‘corrective labor’ sentence, or a fine of up to 500,000 rubles for bitcoin users. The Russian Interior and Finance Ministries see cryptocurrencies as a threat to not only the Russian economy, but also its national security. ‘Corrective labor’ colonies are among the most...

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