Bank of America Patents Method Using Ripple Technology

bank of america, ripple

A non-utility patent filed by Bank of America has Ripple fans in high spirits today. The patent, which is dubbed “Real-time net settlement by distributed ledger system,” directly references Ripple’s digital ledger technology in multiple illustrations. 20/07/2019 🚨 @BankofAmerica PATENT just went public showing use of @Ripple DLT 🚨SOURCE: #XRPcommunity #xrpthestandard #xrparmy pic.twitter...

Ripple Shills Twist Into XRP-Shaped Pretzels to Spin Trump Bitcoin Tweets

ripple (XRP) shills react to Trump bitcoin tweets.

The importance of the government's blessing for supposedly regulator-friendly cryptocurrencies like Ripple (XRP) and its horde of social media shills cannot be overstated. Donald Trump is not a fan of crypto. Point blank. That's all there is to that. Donald Trump Alienates the Techno-Right A rift between the crypto community and the alt-right community who elevated Trump is brewing if nothing...

Bitcoin is Absolutely Clobbering Your Favorite Altcoin This Season


Many crypto enthusiasts love to hype the ever elusive altcoin season ("altseason"), which has long been hailed as one of the most profitable bitcoin market cycles for active cryptocurrency traders. When the season is in full swing, larger altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, and even small-cap assets like Pundi X exponentially rise in value against bitcoin. Traders who catch the trend early can grow...

Ripple Pledges $500 Million to 'Create Real Use Cases for XRP'

XRP, Ripple

In under 12 months, according to Ethan Beard, an executive at Xpring, an initiative created to improve the Ripple ecosystem and create use cases around XRP, Ripple has committed more than $500 million. In the upcoming months, Beard stated that Xpring will invest in various open source protocols, developer projects, and large scale partnerships related to XRP to develop more "real use cases for...

Ripple Alum to Spearhead Binance US Crypto Exchange


After two years as head of XRP institutional liquidity at Ripple, Catherine Coley is moving to greener pastures. Coley was named CEO at BAM Trading Service at Binance U.S., according to her LinkedIn profile. Her experience with both one of the largest cryptocurrencies, XRP, and institutional investors should serve her well in this high-profile role in which she will seemingly oversee the trading...

Ripple CEO Is Long Bitcoin, Says 'No One Crypto to Rule Them All'

Brad Garlinghouse

By CCN Markets: Forbes caught a comment by Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse at the 2019 Brainstorm Finance Conference, sponsored by Fortune magazine. While pointing out that he thinks a variety of coins will thrive in the future, Garlinghouse admitted that he is long on bitcoin. "I don't think that there will be one crypto to rule them all. I own bitcoin and am long bitcoin." Thanks to @CliftonLeaf ...

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