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Binance Supports First Live Property Auction Using BTC and BNB

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Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is partnering with real estate auctioneer James Pratt Auctions (JPA) to launch a live property auction using bitcoin and Binance Coin (BNB). On April 8, buyers can bid on - and buy - a futuristic-looking, luxury, beach-front mansion nicknamed 'The Jetsons" in Casuarina, New South Wales, using BTC or BNB. The auction follows a partnership between Binance, JPA and...

US Real Estate to Fall in Value in 2019 Amidst Sell-Off From Chinese Investors

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In the third quarter of 2018, more than $1 billion worth of real estate properties were sold by Chinese investors in the U.S. amidst tightening regulations on capital outflows by China. According to the Wall Street Journal, the European real estate market experienced a similar sell-off of properties, as investors from China liquidated over $233 million worth of properties. Real Estate Sell-Off...

A $30 Million Manhattan Condo Was Just Tokenized on Public Ethereum Blockchain

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Manhattan's first major asset to be tokenized on the blockchain is a luxury condo recently valued at $30 million. The East Village building contains 12 condos, each with 1700 square feet of space and each now tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain. The real estate property is now represented with a sum of tokens available for purchase on the blockchain. A token represents a portion of the value of...

Hedge Fund Manger Lists Multi-Million Dollar Townhouse in Bitcoin...for a 50% Premium


The real estate industry is increasingly embracing bitcoin as a form of payment. Most recently, hedge fund manager Claudio Guazzoni de Zanett has put his Manhattan townhome on the market for nearly $30 million in USD or $45 million in cryptocurrencies, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal. Zannett is hedging his bets, attaching a 40% premium for paying in bitcoin versus fiat money to...

Illinois Initiates Blockchain Initiative for Real Estate Transfers


The mid-western state of Illinois, home of Chicago, wants to usher blockchain technology into state government. The goal of the initiative, which is shared between state and county agencies, is to determine if this groundbreaking technology can be used to create more efficient, integrated and trusted state services while providing a welcoming environment for the Blockchain community. Blockchain...

Manhattan's Real Estate Eyes Up Bitcoin for Property Payments


Manhattan's real estate market is embracing bitcoin for property payments as the digital currency increases in value. One property developer who is hoping to capitalise on the recent digital currency boom is Ben Shaoul, of Magnum Real Estate Group. Speaking to The Express, Shaoul said: We were approached by a buyer who has been collecting bitcoin for many years and was interested in using it to...

Vancouver House Listed For Digital Currency: Honest Mistake or Sign of a Growing Gray Market?


A house is listed for sale in Metro Vancouver for Bitcoin or Ethereum. It also appears on Craigslist’s Hong Kong real estate page. The 5,000 square foot house in Coquitlam, B.C. has been on the bitcoin market since April 2. The ad features a new home and refers to Vancouver as “one of the hottest markets on the planet. Voted #1 place to live in the world.” The asking price - 2,099 bitcoins - is...

Republic of Georgia to Introduce Blockchain Platform for Real Estate Documents


The country of Georgia is set to introduce and implement a blockchain platform that will enable citizens to receive information about real estate digitally from documents stored on the distributed ledger. Announced last month by Georgia’s Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani, the blockchain platform will be put to use this year, in 2017.   In quotes reported by regional publication CBW, the...

Real Estate Platform Uses Blockchain for Property Transfer

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Ubitquity, the blockchain-powered real estate has undertaken the first real estate property ownership transfer using the cryptocurrency technology. According to the company they conducted the transaction through the Colu Coloured Coins protocol. In 2015, the company tasked themselves with creating a platform as a proof of concept using the blockchain, and by the beginning of 2016, Ubitquity had...

TECNISA Provides Incentives for Buying Real Estate In Brazil with Bitcoin


Are you looking to buy real estate in Brazil? It is now possible to do so using Bitcoin. TECNISA, a Brazilian real estate company based in Sao Paolo, accepts bitcoin. In addition, TECNISA provides incentives to its clients to use bitcoin. For example, for every R$ 10,000 (approximately 10.5 BTC) paid in bitcoin you get a discount of 5%, which works out to R$ 500. To enable bitcoin payment TECNISA...

First Major Bitcoin Real Estate Purchase Recorded


RealtyShares, a company in San Francisco, was the first realty company to accept Bitcoin as payment for both purchases and investments in the real estate market. The company was started up in February and was the first of its kind to accept Bitcoin as payment. More companies picked up on this, and now a major sale has taken place Just recently, a huge transaction for a tropical Villa in Indonesia...