Qualcomm's Value Balloons by $25 Billion in Apple-Fueled Relief Rally

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By CCN: A two-year legal battle between chipmaker Qualcomm and tech giant Apple was settled today, propelling Qualcomm's stock higher by a double-digit percentage. Investors cheered a thawing in relations between the two tech giants. Market cap rose from approximately $70 billion on April 15 to currently hover at $95 billion. The end of various legal disputes between the companies was quickly...

Apple Stock Plunges after US Trade Judge Calls for Bombshell iPhone Ban

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On Tuesday, ITC Judge Mary Joan McNamara dropped the bombshell revelation that she is planning to recommend a ban on some China-made iPhone imports, in a ruling that caused Apple stock to crater in afternoon trading. Judge Recommends Partial iPhone Ban Judge McNamara reportedly found that the company infringed on Qualcomm patents, and it remains unclear whether the recommendation of the judge...

Fmr. Apple Chipmaker Qualcomm Wants US Regulators to Ban Specific iPhone Models

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The tensions and bad blood between Apple and Qualcomm have just been driven a notch higher. According to Reuters, Qualcomm now wants trade regulators in the U.S. to ban the sale of some iPhones in the country. Specifically, Qualcomm wants those iPhones equipped with modems made by its rival Intel taken off shelves. With the move, Qualcomm is seeking to overturn an International Trade Commission...

Apple Finds a New Way to Sell its Old (Still Expensive) Phones in Germany; A Trial is Coming

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Apple will resume its sale of iPhones in its stores in Germany, selling its older models which come with chips from Qualcomm Inc., as the chipmaker gets one over the Cupertino-based tech giant. The world's biggest supplier of mobile chips Qualcomm had brought a suit against Apple, where it claimed the smartphone maker was infringing on one of its patent that had to do with smartphone power...

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