Abra Adds Native Bitcoin Cash Support, Wins Roger Ver’s Praise

roger ver

Abra, a mobile cryptocurrency investing app, has added native bitcoin cash (BCH) support, allowing users to deposit and withdraw BCH directly, Abra announced on its website. Anyone who held BCH in Abra previously can now withdraw it to a hardware wallet or use it to make a payment on a merchant site. The app also makes it easier to use BCH to invest in the growing selection of cryptocurrencies in...

Venezuela Cracks Down On Cryptocurrency Mining

Silk Road

Cryptocurrency mining has become an important source of income in Venezuela, a country ravaged by hyperinflation, but it has also become hazardous as police are cracking down on people they suspect of using too much electricity. Venezuelans have turned to cryptocurrencies as inflation has ravaged the official bolivar, which has lost 99.4% of its value since 2012. As a result, mining has become...

Extension Blocks Bid to Increase Bitcoin Blockchain Transaction Capacity


Extension Blocks, a solution designed to create larger blockchain blocks by means of a second layer that users opt in to, is available for review with demo functionality and code. The proposal, introduced on GitHub, has gained attention recently since it addresses the need to increase the bitcoin block size without requiring a hard fork. Andrew Lee, CEO of Purse.io, an online marketplace that...

Purse.io Partners Coinsecure to Push Bitcoin Adoption with Amazon Discounts


Bitcoin startup Purse.io, an online marketplace that enables discounts on Amazon with payments in bitcoin has announced a new partnership with Coinsecure, a prominent Indian bitcoin exchange. Announced yesterday, the new collaboration comes during a time when demand for bitcoin is increasing in India following the controversial demonetization drive in early November. The tie-up is a marked effort...

Purse.io Users Are Targeted by Hackers, 10.235 BTC Stolen


Users of Bitcoin-pushing shopping marketplace Purse.io were the targets of a hack originating from unauthorized password reset emails that affected 11 users in total with 10.235 bitcoin withdrawn due to the compromise. Purse.io users were the target of hackers who may have gained access and compromised a third-party email service provider user by the company, by its own statement released on its...

Bitcoin Startup Purse.io Looks to Expand after Raising $300,000


Purse.io, the Bitcoin startup that bridges the gap between Bitcoins and the famous retailer Amazon.com, has just announced a $300K fundraising round yesterday.  Several well-known figures in the Bitcoin community such as Roger Ver and Bobby Lee (BTC China) took part in this round alongside Venture capitalist firms such as FundersClub, StrongVC and Yang Ventures. Also read: Purse.io Immune to...

Purse.io Immune to Brawker Amazon Wishlist Scam; CEO Andrew Lee: “What Happens Under the Hood Actually Matters”


Following recent coverage of a potential exploit on services that rely on Amazon Wishlist for order fulfillment, Purse.io, a Bitcoin service that allows users to “buy” goods on Amazon using Bitcoin at a heavily discounted price, has clarified that this particular scam has long been dealt with for Purse users. Through the use of a proprietary order tracking system, Purse.io isn’t...