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BitMEX Launches a Segwit and Bigger Bitcoin Blocks Prediction Market

BitMEX, a digital currencies exchange that offers 100x futures on bitcoin, ethereum and other currencies, today announced they are to launch two new prediction markets related to the bitcoin scalability debate. The first one is a segwit prediction future on “whether or not BIP141, also known as Segregated Witness, will be activated on the longest Bitcoin chain by the expiry date (31 December...

The Bitcoin ETF Will Be Rejected According to Prediction Markets

The much-anticipated bitcoin ETF, which has been going through the bureaucratic process for now more than three years, will likely be rejected according to a Bitmex prediction contract launched almost two weeks ago. Since its listing, the market has always given Winklevoss’ ETF a less than 50% chance, usually standing at around 40% for much of the past week, falling to as low as 18% yesterday...

Augur Looks To Succeed Where DARPA, The CIA & DoD Failed With An Open Source Prediction Market

Augur strives to bring prediction markets into the future. The tool, which Director of Operations Jeremy Gardner and Core Developer Joey Krug hope to make prediction markets more accurate than ever, comes with great precedent. But Augur believes, with the power of decentralization and open source technologies, theirs' is truly a paradigm shifting project. The decentralized prediction market has...

How to Short Bitcoin

Prediction Market for Cryptocurrency

A whole lot of Bitcoin holders have made bank on the cryptocurrency's recent meteoric rise. But is it possible to make money a falling Bitcoin price? Well, it is now!

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