Potcoin Sponsors Dennis Rodman’s Singapore Visit During Summit Talks


The historic summit between US president Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un just on its own is a multifaceted historic event with plenty to keep the media busy. And yet, somehow we find ourselves with yet more angles to the events in Singapore, with former NBA star player Dennis Rodman doing the work of attaching another topic that is a favorite of the media, cryptocurrency...

PotCoin Sends Dennis Rodman to North Korea, Price Doubles


Yesterday, Dennis Rodman made another trip to North Korea. He had no problem thanking Potcoin for the opportunity (they apparently funded his trip), wearing a Potcoin.com shirt during his trip as he was besieged by reporters. Interest in the Proof-of-Stake Bitcoin alternative understandably grew in tandem, and the currency saw a doubling in price in 24 hours of trading: Rodman has a history of...

Traders Getting High on HempCoin


HempCoin is a Scrypt algorithm coin like Litecoin and countless other Bitcoin alternatives, but unlike most, it has a publicly traded company, Rocky Mountain Ayre, backing it. Interest seems to be increasing in the coin, which is one of the many currencies targeting marijuana dispensaries and other legal marijuana entities which have banking issues due to federal regulations in the United States...

Podcast Episode 9: Marijuana and Bitcoin


This episode is all about where marijuana and cryptocurrency intersect. We spoke to a co-op in California which is only accepting cryptocurrencies, Golden Gates Greenest, and to the developers of two marijuana-related coins, MaryJaneCoin and Potcoin. ** Correction: in the episode I say potcoin.org, but it is actually potcoin.com. Potcoin.org is another thing. This episode also features the new...

CannabisCoin Price Gets Higher as other Potcoins Burn Out


CannabisCoin’s upcoming “Yes We CANN” event has caused the CannabisCoin price to surge–perhaps even higher than the customers who will use CannabisCoins to buy legalized marijuana at the October 20 and future Yes We CANN events. However, the recent CannabisCoin price increase has caused other marijuana-themed altcoin prices to falter. Also Read: CannabisCoin Price Gets...

Potcoin Review – The coin to help facilitate legal cannabis transactions


Potcoin is helping legal cannabis sales to have a simplified method of transaction. With many places in the world having legal cannabis sales, including some states in the USA legalizing cannabis, PotCoin has a nice growing merchant-base for accepting Potcoins for payment. [divider]CCN[/divider] Potcoin Review Market Cap: $812,348 Maximum coins issued: 420M POT Hash algorithm: Scrypt PoW or PoS:...