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How Trump's Trade War Could Decimate the PlayStation

Donald Trump Trade War impact on PlayStation

The Sony PlayStation 5 launch remains at least a year away, but speculation over its price point has already become a hot topic among gamers. One Swedish retailer appears to be already taking PlayStation 5 pre-orders at a jaw-dropping price of more than $1,000, while some industry analysts believe that the console will be priced at a significant premium thanks to high-spec hardware. Now, Sony...

Angry Fan Smashes PS4, SLAMS Sony's Zelda 'Clone' Genshin Impact

angry gamer destroys PS4 over Genshin Impact

Today at the Chinese gaming expo ChinaJoy, a devoted fan destroyed a PlayStation 4 in protest at what a cluster of onlookers saw as Sony's promotion of shameless The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ''clone'' Genshin Impact. When Mihoyo unveiled Genshin Impact for PS4, many noted the game was inspired by BOTW. Some fans of BOTW are upset that Sony is promoting this game because of the...

PlayStation Plus Free Games for August 2019 Are Surprisingly Solid

sony playstation plus free games august 2019

At the start of each month, PlayStation Plus subscribers wait with bated breath to see what free games the powers that be at Sony will deign to bestow upon them. It's a tense moment where extending that monthly subscription hangs in the balance. For August 2019, the lineup from Sony isn't half bad and includes the classic breakneck racing of WipEout Omega Collection alongside tactical World War...

PlayStation 4 Digital Game Sales Overtake Physical. That's a First

sony ps4

First-quarter financial results released by Sony today reveal that digital sales of PlayStation 4 games surpassed those of their physical counterparts, marking the first time the balance has shifted in the favor of digital content. Digital downloads on the platform accounted for 53% of full game software sales from the start of the year to June – a 10% jump on figures for the same period last...

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