Pakistan Aggressively Warns India: Do Not Test Our Nuclear Military Power

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By Pakistan’s military spokesman has warned India that any threat will be met with the full force of its nuclear arsenal.  In a press conference on Monday, Major General Asif Ghafoor hit back against Indian prime minister Narendra Modi who recently threatened Pakistan with the “mother of all nuclear bombs”: “In your [Indian] rhetoric, … Read more

India and Pakistan Will ‘Never Be Friends’ as U.S. Sits Out Aggressive Nuclear Threats

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By As India and Pakistan continue to throw nuclear threats back and forth, a senior Indian government official tasked with diplomacy in external affairs has dampened any hopes for peace between the two nations. India’s minister of state for external affairs V.K Singh said this weekend that India and Pakistan will never be friends: … Read more

India PM Outrageously Warns Pakistan of Nuclear War after Shocking Sri Lanka Attacks

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By India’s prime minister Narendra Modi doubled down on the nuclear threat against Pakistan this weekend. Speaking on the campaign trail for re-election, he told a packed crowd: “India has stopped the policy of getting scared by Pakistan’s threats. Every day, [Pakistan] would make claims about having nuclear weapons. Even the media would bring … Read more

Facebook Shuts Down Shady Propaganda Pages by Pakistan Military, India

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Facebook has sharpened the axe and removed hundreds of propaganda pages in India and Pakistan. It’s one of Facebook’s biggest culls yet as it tried to rein in false political propaganda.  Controversially, Facebook has linked many of these pages to the Pakistan military itself. Other pages were linked to India’s second-largest political party, Indian National … Read more

India Just Triggered a Ballistic ‘Space Weapon’ and Pakistan Should Be Terrified

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The escalating arms race between India and Pakistan reached a dangerous pinnacle on Wednesday as India deployed a ballistic space missile. Using an anti-satellite weapon dubbed ‘Mission Shakti’, India’s military forces successfully shot down a low-orbit satellite.

Indian Prime Minister Modi proudly declared his country a “space power,” becoming only the fourth country to deploy space weaponry. USA, Russia, and China are the other nations with equivalent fire power.

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White House Warns Pakistan: Aggression Against India ‘Not Acceptable” as Nuclear Tensions Flare

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The Trump White House has come down hard on nuclear-armed Pakistan, warning that its actions are unacceptable in the escalating war games with India.

It’s the strongest message yet from the Trump administration as military tension between Pakistan and India threatens to spill over into all-out war.

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Nuclear Standoff: Pakistan Scrambles Entire F-16 Jet Fighter Fleet to Indian Border in Possible US Terms Violation

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The threat of war rises in the Indian subcontinent as Pakistan and India line up weapons on the Line of Control, the disputed border in Kashmir. Pakistan has reportedly scrambled “all F-16” fighter jets to the border and pointed them towards India. In response, the Indian Air Force has called for more air-to-air missiles to … Read more

Pakistan Threatens War on India and ‘Any Superpower.’ It’s Time to Take this Nuclear Conflict Seriously

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has threatened to hit India with “aggressive” action, hinting at the full weight of its nuclear arsenal. Khan extended his threat to “any superpower” that provokes his country. Are his words pointed at Donald Trump, who has shown support for India over Pakistan in recent events? With 145 nuclear warheads … Read more

India Readies 750,000 Russian Assault Rifles and a Nuclear Submarine. Is Pakistan in the Crosshairs?

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India is stockpiling an enormous arsenal of weaponry and military equipment. According to an announcement on Sunday, March 3rd, India will make a quarter of a million new assault rifles for the Indian army. India’s president Narendra Modi opened the new Kalashnikov plant in partnership with Russian. India is also expected to sign a lease … Read more