Chilean Supreme Court Backs Bank's Closure of Crypto Exchange Account

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The Third Chamber of the Chilean Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of cryptocurrency exchange Orionx, which means that the account of the company with state-owned BancoEstado will continue to remain closed, local news outlet reports. Earlier this year, Chilean banks Itau Corpbanca, Bank of Nova Scotia, and state-owned Banco Estado decided to shut down the activities of cryptocurrency...

Chilean Court Orders State-Owned Bank to Re-Open Bitcoin Exchange Orionx’s Account

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The Fourth Chamber of the Court of Appeals of Santiago has recently ruled that state-owned Banco Estado has to re-open the account of bitcoin exchange Orionx, after it seemingly illegally shut it down. As CCN covered, earlier this year Chilean banks Itau Corpbanca, Bank of Nova Scotia, and state-owned Banco Estado shut down the accounts of the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges Orionx...

Chile’s Central Bank Considers Cryptocurrency Regulations to “Monitor Associated Risks”

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Chilean news outlet El Economista has recently revealed that Mario Marcel, president of the country’s central bank, is considering implementing cryptocurrency regulations, which would give the financial institution information to “monitor associated risks.” Speaking at a forum during the Finance Commission of Deputies, Marcel admitted that the current process that cryptocurrency adopters go...

Chilean Court Orders Banks to Re-Open Cryptocurrency Exchange Accounts

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Chile’s anti-monopoly court recently ordered two major Chilean banks to re-open the accounts of one of the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Buda. The country’s anti-monopoly court ruled that the state bank Banco del Estado de Chile and Itau Corpbanca should re-open the cryptocurrency exchange’s accounts, presumably to prevent what looked like a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies in the...

Chilean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Take Banking Blockade to Appeals Court

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Chile’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Buda, CryptoMarket (Crypto MKT), and Orionx recently applied to an appeals court to confront a banking blockade they’re currently facing. As covered by CCN, the cryptocurrency exchanges recently saw Itau Corpbanca, Bank of Nova Scotia, and the state-owned bank Banco del Estado de Chile shutdown their accounts with no proper explanation. At the time, Banco...

Chilean Cryptocurrency Exchanges See Banking Blockade with Shuttered Accounts

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Three Chilean cryptocurrency exchanges, BUDA, Crypto MKT, and Orionx, are about to lose banking services as BancoEstado, the last bank supporting cryptocurrency exchanges in Chile, has announced it’s closing the trading platforms’ accounts. According to local news outlet El Mercurio, the financial institution decided to, for now, “not operate with companies that are dedicated to the issuance or...

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