Shocking! Coinbase's Rocky Year Just Got Worse with CTO Departure


In what has already proven to be an extremely challenging 12 months for Coinbase is shows no signs of respite. The crypto exchange's CTO announced his departure following roughly one year in the spot. Balaji Srinivasan broke the news on his Twitter account. He also thanked his "friend" Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong for the opportunity. 1/2 Really enjoyed my time at Coinbase working with my friend...

Coinbase CEO Admits ‘Diligence’ Failing, Boots Ex-Hacking Team Employees

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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has responded to criticisms about betraying the values of Bitcoin and crypto more broadly with its recent acquisition of Neutrino. Those Neutrino team members who previously worked at Hacking Team will “transition out of Coinbase,” the chief executive said late Monday. Hacking Team, one may recall, was a pioneer in selling hacking tools exploited by authoritarian...

Coinbase Sought Neutrino After Losing Control Over Customer Data Being Sold

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Coinbase’s controversial acquisition of Neutrino was motivated by a desire to ditch its existing tech partners because they ”were actually selling client data to outside sources,” the head of sales at Coinbase said on Saturday. In an interview with Cheddar, Coinbase’s Christine Sandler explained the rationale for buying Neutrino— a blockchain intelligence firm whose founders used to build hacking...

Notorious Spyware Creator Joining Forces With Coinbase Spells Doom For Your Privacy

Coinbase Neutrino Spyware

Privacy has been a heated discussion for decades. Recently, legislation has been passed to provide greater protections for consumer data including GDPR, BDSG-New, and CCPA. The age-old question is: “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, why do you need privacy?” The answer isn’t so simple. Ranging from the mental health impacts of not having privacy to determining what is “wrong” or who decides...

$8 Billion Coinbase Faces Backlash for Latest Acquisition

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Bitcoin exchange giant Coinbase has acquired Chainalysis competitor Neutrino in an effort to enhance its compliance efforts and regulatory relationships. Neutrino uses blockchain analytics to identify potential money laundering or other illegal transactions on the blockchain. Until its acquisition, it was one of a few companies growing in the space of analyzing blockchains. Its work mainly...

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