How Stupid Does Google Think We Are? Nest Privacy Fiasco is Flat-Out Insulting

Google, Nest, Google Nest

Google has become the latest tech giant to admit that it had screwed up when it comes to doing something suspect related to one of its devices and users’ privacy. Google's Nest home alarm products are embedded with a microphone that was not disclosed to the buyer. When the news hit the fan, search engine giant pretty much said oops, our bad, we made a mistake, etc. There seems to be a playbook...

Google's 'Surprise' Nest Microphone Was a Flub - Not a Privacy Scandal

google nest microphone privacy

Google copped to making a mistake Thursday by not disclosing a microphone component  present in its Nest Guard devices, an enhancement to the Nest Secure suite. No Reports of Actual Consumers Bothered By Google's Secret Nest Microphone Google’s surprise microphone alarmed consumer privacy advocates, but no word yet from any major news sources reporting that actual Nest Guard users were unhappy...

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