Trump Tweets Not Influencing Monetary Policy, Insists Dovish Fed Banker

kashkari, fed

Monetary policymaker Neel Kashkari wants to make one thing clear. Neither he nor his colleagues in the Federal Reserve are swayed by President Trump’s tweets when it comes to deciding the fate of short-term interest rates. The president and CEO of the Fed Bank of Minneapolis was featured in an interview at the Yahoo Finance All … Read more

Kashkari: Federal Reserve Doesn’t Need to Protect Investors

neel kashkari federal reserve

Another Federal Reserve president has spoken out on interest rates. Neel Kashkari says there is no need for interest rate hikes right now but that the US Federal Reserve does not exist to protect investors. Though the stock markets are exhibiting “nervousness,” says Kashkari, investors have to figure out what to do next. We are … Read more