NBA 2K20 Dominates the Charts Despite Brutal Reviews & Criticism

nba 2k20

Despite trudging through the mire of a less than ideal lead-up to release, 2K Games’ basketball sim NBA 2K20 posted a more than respectable launch week, standing proudly atop the EMEAA sales charts. Best Selling Game of The Week Data compiled from sales of retail game copies and digital downloads on digital storefronts Steam, Xbox … Read more

Proof You’ll Regret Wasting Money on That FIFA 20 Loot Box

fifa 20 loot box

At some point shortly after FIFA 20’s Sept. 24 launch date, your resolve will break down, and you’ll spend your hard-earned money on a card pack. Unfortunately, a new survey proves that you’ll probably regret that loot box purchase almost immediately. The study, sponsored by Canadian casino review site, reveals that a staggering 50% … Read more

NBA 2K20 Pro Booted from 2K League for Gambling. Seriously.

NBA 2K20 pro 24k Dropoff banned from 2K League

In a hilariously ironic twist to the ongoing NBA 2K20 microtransactions scandal, a professional NBA 2K League player has been banned for violating the esports league’s gambling policy. According to a statement posted on the 2K League website, Heat Check Gaming power forward Basil “24K Dropoff” Rose secretly provided inside information to an unnamed individual … Read more

Stream Reviewers Eviscerate 2K by Nuking Broken NBA 2K20


Another day and another wave of hate leveled at 2K’s basketball sim NBA 2K20. Since launch last week, user-generated reviews on Steam have systematically torn the game to shreds, lambasting 2K for shipping a ‘broken’ and buggy gambling simulator with only occasional snippets of basketball. NBA 2K20 – ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ And players don’t look like … Read more

NBA 2K20 Gambling Trailer Gets PEGI Seal of Approval for Your Kids

NBA 2K20 Gambling Trailer Gets PEGI Seal of Approval

By Fresh off last week’s controversial NBA 2K20 MyTeam mode trailer, that appeared to sideline basketball for the neon and glitz of a thin-veiled casino hall, the European game content rating board, PEGI, reveals it has no issue rating the game as suitable for children despite explicit gambling imagery and mechanics. PEGI Responds A … Read more