Italian Bankruptcy Court Rules BitGrail CEO is Directly Liable for Millions in Customers’ Losses

NANO, Bitgrail

BitGrail, a cryptocurrency exchange that was recently the subject of a second class-action lawsuit, has found no relief in an Italian bankruptcy court. According to unverified documents published by a victims group, the Bankruptcy Division of the Court of Florence has ruled that Francesco “The Bomber” Firano is personally liable for losses incurred in the … Read more

Nano Cryptocurrency Facing Second Class-Action Lawsuit Over BitGrail Hack

For the second time, Nano’s developers and other parties are facing a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit names Francesco Firano, Nano as an entity, BitGrail, and four others in a lawsuit proposed Friday in a California federal court. Among the allegations against them are fraud and violations of the Securities Act. The lawsuit alleges the defendants … Read more

Questions Mount Over $170 Million BitGrail ‘Hack’

Questions continue to mount over $170 million worth of Nano (XRB) tokens that have gone missing from little-known cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail. As reported by sister site Hacked, there is growing suspicion among Nano (formerly Raiblocks) community members that BitGrail, which is based out of Florence, Italy, was insolvent long before the alleged hack and … Read more