Mycelium Joins The Foundation for Interwallet Operability


According to a press release and the Foundation for Interwallet Operability website, Mycelium is the latest addition to the the foundation’s membership. Other members are currently: ShapeShift, Coinomi, KeepKey, BRD, and Edge. The majority of these are wallets, but ShapeShift, as readers are probably aware, is an exchange which allows users to instantly “shift” between cryptocurrencies. It used...

Hemp Entrepreneurs View Bitcoin As A Payment Tool, Launch Educational Resource For Farmers


A pair of hemp entrepreneurs recently launched a bitcoin education resource called 1620 Solutions to educate farmers about bitcoin’s advantages as a payment tool, according to Motherboard. Colorado entrepreneur Veronica Caprio got into the hemp business to avoid legal problems associated with marijuana. Hemp is not as strictly regulated as marijuana in the state. Nonetheless, PayPal eventually...

Transferwise Blocks Deposits to Bitcoin Processor Cashila


Euro and bitcoin payment processor Cashila has hinted that Transferwise has decided to block deposits to its bank accounts. Transferwise is a traditional money transfer service which gained popularity promising cheaper money transfers. Cashila users often use it to deposit funds into their accounts and to ICONOMI, its ether-based service. As a result, it surprised Cashila when one of its users...

Bitcoin Could Make ATM Skimmers a Thing of the Past


Societies innovate and create almost naturally on a daily basis. As people, we’re always trying to find ways to make our lifestyle better and, in most cases, overcome any sort of obstacles in our path. Unfortunately, with innovation comes a “wild-west” period where many people are taken advantage of and stolen from because they cannot combat the malicious technology developed by those with the...

Mycelium Local Trader App Is Out Of Beta: The Most Decentralized Exchange You Can Use Today


Today, Mycelium announced that their Local Trader App has successfully made it through Beta testing and is now ready for the general Bitcoin populace.  Mycelium Local Trader App allows users to create geographically tied sell orders.  You can choose an exchange rate from BitStamp or Coinbase or BTC-e, then set a percentage above that which you would like to sell your Bitcoins at.  Mycelium Local...

The Mathematically Secure Way To Accept Zero Confirmation Transactions

mathematically secure

Nowadays, most Bitcoin Exchanges still require at least three confirmations on a Bitcoin deposit before the depositor is credited the amount in his or her account and allowed to start trading.  The delay makes it hard for traders, and all Bitcoiners, to move their Bitcoin on the Bitcoin network as fast as they would often like to. The intrinsic danger to accepting a zero confirmation transaction...