Firefox to Firewall Cryptomining Malware in Upcoming Browser Updates

Firefox Cryptomining

The Mozilla Foundation has outlined new features on its Firefox browser to help enhance web performance and protect its users with a default blocker for cryptomining malware. The Vice President of product, Nick Nguyen made it known on Thursday, August 30, 2018, that future versions of the open-source browser will by default, block crypto mining malware scripts. “In the near future, Firefox...

Crypto-Funded Brave Browser Hits 10 Million Downloads in Google Play Store

Brave cryptocurrency basic attention token

Brave Software has announced that its eponymous web browser has been downloaded from the Google Play Store 10 million times, doubling its user base in just four months. This was revealed in a post on its official Twitter handle last Friday. Brave Ambitions In May, CCN reported that the browser hit 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store, barely six months after hitting the 1 million download...

Half of the World’s Population to Have Internet Access by 2018


According to eMarketer, good news is on the horizon for anyone pulling for mainstream digital currency use. Everyone who knows bitcoin also knows that Internet access is a pure necessity for the technology to thrive and in just three years’ time, half of the world’s population will be online and connected. eMarketer revealed that by 2018, 3.6 billion people will be connected to the internet. In...

Google’s Project Loon Expands Bitcoin Access to Developing World


One problem with digital currency and Bitcoin in the modern world is its inherent connection to the internet. Using internet access as a backbone isn’t a weakness; rather, the issue is with the world not having a fully-integrated internet system set in place. Some places like the United States and Europe are incredibly close to the internet being as common as electricity, but underdeveloped...

Low-Cost Firefox Phones Could Bring Bitcoin to Developing World


Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser and Firefox OS, recently launched its first smartphones in India for the affordable price of $33. The phone is known as the Intex Cloud FX, and it could do more for Bitcoin adoption in the developing world than any of the high-profile startups in Silicon Valley. After all, how are these people who are in desperate need of access to banking...