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Wall Street Wonder Warns of Growth-Pocalypse, Looming Recession


By CCN: Stocks in some sectors are teetering on the brink of a bear market, and one Wall Street veteran believes it's going to get worse. Mark Yusko, who is at the helm of Morgan Creek Capital Management, says that the bears are already out and stocks are going to finish the year lower by a double-digit percentage, according to his interview on CNBC. Before you write him off, consider that in...

Bitcoin Price Will Hit $500,000 Cause it Beats Gold: Hedge Fund Chief

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By CCN: The bitcoin bull market is here, as the price of the flagship cryptocurrency has shot through $7,400 and it seems all set to go higher. Bitcoin bulls estimate that the price of each coin could hit $20,000 very soon thanks to rising demand. But there are some who believe that the price of bitcoin could very well go on to hit cool six-figure sums in the future, including Morgan Creek...

Virginia Police Department Reveals Why its Pension Fund is Betting on Bitcoin

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Fairfax County, Virginia has targeted part of its pension fund toward investments in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry, as well as blockchain technology in general. Now, they're explaining why. Fairfax County Retirement Systems Director Jeff Weiler published a post in response to CCN and other media’s reporting on the county’s decision to invest in Morgan Creek’s latest offering, the...