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Tesla Model 3 Miraculously Saved a Life but Will It Rescue the Stock?


By CCN: Elon Musk is being hailed as a hero, at least by one Tesla Model 3 driver. Electrek reports that a rear-ended Tesla Model 3 was about to ram into a vehicle in front of it. But the autopilot system took over in the nick of time and performed an evasive maneuver to prevent a crash. This is precisely the type of good PR that could rescue Tesla's stock. Bullish for Tesla's Stock The driver of...

Tesla Model 3 Suffers in US-China Trade War as MAGA Takes Over

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By CCN: The core computer of Tesla’s Chinese-made Model 3, known as the ‘Brain’, was rejected for exclusion from Donald Trump’s 25% tariffs. Tesla had applied for exclusion from the surcharge placed on Chinese-made goods but was rejected. The product was deemed too important to China in the trade war. Tesla Wins No Favors in Trump-China Trade War The computer brain of the Model 3 was rejected for...

Deliver Cars or Die Trying: Elon Musk Once Again Pushes Tesla to the Brink

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It’s all hands on deck at Tesla as the electric car-maker is scrambling to meet its delivery numbers. Producing the Model 3 (the company's more affordable, “mass-produced” car) has put the company through, as Elon Musk has said, “Production Hell,” and they are now in “Logistics Hell.” What does this mean? Essentially, Tesla couldn’t make enough Model 3s, so the company was stretched to the...

Elon Musk Admits the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Will Come at a Cost – More Layoffs

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Tesla’s long-promised $35,000 Model 3 is finally here - along with bad news for the firm’s sales and marketing staff, according to the carmaker’s CEO Elon Musk. In an email that Musk sent to employees, the Tesla chief disclosed the company’s decision to move all sales online. Consequently, the electric carmaker will shutter many brick and mortar stores making some employees redundant, CNBC...

Elon Musk Says Tesla Model 3 is Now $1,100 Cheaper; Just Don’t Expect to Pay Below $35,000 Yet

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Tesla’s ending of the customer referral program last month was not in vain as buyers of the Model 3 will now be able to save more than a thousand dollars on their purchase. According to CNBC, the price of the Model 3 has been reduced by $1,100. It will now cost $43,000 to drive off in, or take delivery of, the entry-level electric car. After credits and fuel savings it will be around $35,000, per...

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